Pal pedersenWelcome to Mission Revival

Mission Revival is the evangelistic ministry of Hege and Pal Pedersen. Pal Pedersen is the founder and director of Mission Revival Ministries.  Mission Revival was founded in 1996 after Pal had finished two years in bible school and traveled with several preachers as their assistant and interpreter in Norway and other countries. Pal has been in full time ministry now for over 20 years now, preaching and teaching the word of God all over the world.  He has mainly operated in the office of an evangelist. Pal has also ministered as a pastor for several churches, and is frequenly engaged as an motivational speaker, sales and leadership trainer to companies in Norway. Pal`s preaching and teaching is very motivational and he use a lot of humor in his communication, which make him popular also among the young. Mission Revival Ministries vision and Mission is to «Proclaim The Gospel to all who have not heard.  And Mobilize the Church for the harvest.» We do this trough:

  • Meetings and conferenses
  • Campaigns all over the world
  • Teaching in Bible Schools and seminars
  • TV, Web and social media
  • Team and mission trips
  • Cooperation with different organosations and Churches.

Do you want Pal to visit your church or conference.  Please click on the link and send us a mail.


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