Like many others at this time of year, I also try to take a few kilos. Such things are easy for some and more difficult for others. But the truth is, I am the one who decides what I do with my life. I choose what I eat and I choose what I do. Tough, but true it is. Now I know well that it is not so for everyone, but for most of us we take choices every day, and must live with the consequence of these, This is also the case with other areas of life. We make choices and have to live with the consequences of it. When we choose to focus on an area and provide care and proper nutrition to it, it will grow and become healthy. If we neglect it, it will be bad. Think about your spiritual life, your marriage, your children, your family, your job, etc. The only thing that comes automatically is maturity, but what we give nourishment will grow. a priority list, what is the most important thing in your life? And how can you get that area to improve. Often when I have conversations with couples or individuals we set up a wheel and draw in the various areas that we consider important, then we set up where we are today and then where we want to be. When we have done this we make a plan on how to get there. Exciting and in fact not impossible when we have a plan. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Nice if you leave a comment below.