How shall we reach the refugees coming to Europe?
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The Bible tells us that «The thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy» But we believers know that everything the devil has planned for evil, our God can turn to something good.

We are now in a season where Europe is flodded with refugees, and many experience this intimidating beacuse most of these are muslims and comes from a total different culture than we are used to here.  Very often when I preach, I say mary-manga_messiah_miracle_of_wine_at_cana-1024x893we must not be driven by fear, but choose to believe that God will turn this around.

Many do agree with me, and there is a will to do something, but we have not yet really had a plan or the tools to be able to get an entrance to preach the Word of God.

This weekend i was attending a conference in the south of Norway with «New Life Ministries»  They are working with bible printing and distribution.  One of their projects is «The Manga Bible»

At first the Manga Bible was planned to reach youth in Asia, but it turned out to be a huge sucess in many different countries and settings which they did not planned originally.

I work together with churches and organisations alle over the world, Among these are Malta and Sicily which are recieving a multitude of refugees these days.  Many of these people has muslim background, and I believe the Manga bible could be a fantastic tool to reach these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Even if the wrapping is different, the message is exactly the same as in our traditional bible.  I am going to preach in Malta next week, and I will bring with me a full suitcase with Manga bibles in arabic and Farsi.  It would be awesome if these can help us give an opportunity to minister to all these people.

Please pray for this, and if you would like to support finacially, you can use this link.


Please contact me if you are interested in getting your own copyes of the Manga bible, its in 37 languages now.

Here is an english presentation of our ministry